A Nice Treat for Travelers


For those of you who do a lot of travel I’m sure your no stranger to kayak.com when pricing plane tickets or making hotel reservations. Well, for this week their mobile app for iOS Kayak Pro is Apple’s “App of the Week” which makes it free for one week. This is a nice little promotion for an application such as this.

So, if you are a frequent flyer or traveler, have relatives who are or even if you travel once in a while you should go get this app now. I say this because it’s not only a good application but it has some great features that are not offered by it’s free alternatives and the Pro version just recently added 100+ airport terminal maps.

With Kayak you can search airfares, hotel and car prices and bookings. Track your flight status, check baggage fees and have you itinerary in the palm of your hands at all times. All necessary tasks for travel can be accomplished right from one spot.




Kayak Pro is a universal app so it works on all iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). You really can’t go wrong with having this app even if it’s just on stand by until you need it. So follow the link and take advantage of a good sale that could save you a even more money later Kayak Pro for iOS. Kayak also available for Android, Windows Phone and even the HP TouchPad.


What are your thoughts?

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