Apple Everywhere


Earlier this week Apple updated their previously released GarageBand application for the iPad to also work on the iPhone and iPod touch. I realize it may not sound like a big deal but consider this. If you’ve been keeping track, you would have noticed that Apple has migrated just about every one of their main Mac OS applications that makes up their two key software suites iWork and iLife to the iOS platform. This move alone has put iOS almost on par with Mac OS in terms of their own desktop software.




What Apple has accomplished in the past four years Microsoft with all it’s hardware and software partners have been unable to do in more than ten plus years in the mobile space. Giving users the same look and feel across devices just isn’t enough. Migrating core desktop software to mobile versions is key for giving users a more seamless device to device experience. In some cases the iPad is some peoples’ first computer and by including applications like GarageBand and iMovie, Apple has made sure that it’s mobile devices can be used for more than merely viewing and editing documents on the go.

If you include Apple’s iCloud service we also have that missing piece of the puzzle that syncing devices just doesn’t fill. Once a document is created, edited and saved, for example, you can view or edit it from any other iOS device or computer that’s also linked to iCloud.

Ultimately Apple’s best move may have already been played. Their desktop software is now everywhere. It’s on our desks, our coffee tables and in our pockets. Apple seems well on its way to giving us that Star Trek like synergy many of us long to have.


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