Shure Truly Wireless

Wireless earphones are popping up from every manufacture big and small. The only exceptions are some of the truly high-end manufactures who know the majority of their customers prefer wired because, let’s face it, it’s superior to wireless in the high-end sound category. Well, Shure is now entering that market with their own line of truly wireless earphones called the Aonic. The Aonic 215 seems to be their standard SE215s married to individual wireless attachments (yes, it’s removable just like the cables). I also imagine that they may have tweaked the tuning a bit in order to keep the sound the same as the wired version but that is yet to be heard. The Aonic 50 is an all new noise-cancelling wireless headphone.

Personally, I’m more interested in the 215s or better yet the wireless attachment which I believe will be sold separately. Which if done right, it should sound good enough for when you’d just like a little freedom from wires. Either way I can’t wait to give these a spin when they’re available.


What are your thoughts?

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