Net Neutrality Isn’t Gone Just Yet

This morning FCC Chairman Ajit Pai stated on “CBS This Morning” how he intends to “protect consumers” from “bad apples” now that he has successful (well, up to this point at least) managed to get rid of Net Neutrality.

FCC chair responds to critics, vows to stop “bad apples”

The problem with his assessment of the situation is that these “soft touch approach” rules will not protect consumers and will only up the already high cost of cable and internet services. The FTC is a slow moving ship where the consumer or another entity must complain to before anything happens and it still has to be investigated first. The FCC also can’t impose individual states to follow the new rules. Six states — New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Montana and Hawaii — have executive orders that hold up Net Neutrality because past history dictates what will happen if these rules become non-existent. Finally, by 2023 most if not all the cable companies who have either bought or merged with media content companies will no longer be held by their court ordered net neutrality rules as they will have expired by then.

What this means for the consumer right now is that you can still and should call your local Congress person to have them vote to restoring Net Neutrality. Currently advocates for Net Neutrality are fighting in and with Congress to do so but guaranteed if representatives don’t hear from consumers it will most likely be a lost cause entirely.


What are your thoughts?

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