Nomad Wireless Hub

The Wireless Hub. Nomad’s solution to cable clutter with the added bonus of wireless charging in one simple device. Already known for their creative mobile accessories it should come as no surprise that they’d continue on that path. It seems that Nomad used their 5-port USB hub as a starting point and made some worthwhile changes.

Starting with the top of the hub that now contains a 7.5W (1.5A) Qi-enabled wireless charging coil, turning what was a previously and relatively useless portion of the device designed for placing your smartphone on anyway into a useful wireless charger. So now while it’s sitting there, at least now it can also charge. Underneath is where it houses the power input and 4 USB ports; a new upgraded 15W high-output 3A USB-C port, a 10W high-output 2.1A USB-A port, and two standard-output 5W 1A USB-A ports. All together capable of delivering a total of 30 watts.

Each port including the wireless charger is linked to a corresponding LED status light located on the front edge above the logo that informs you of your device’s charge state. Sitting below the logo is an ambient light sensor that lowers the brightness of the LEDs when it’s dark, so it gives off less insomnia inducing light if placed in close proximity to where you sleep.

It has a well thought-out port configuration and a smart built-in cable management system that makes for easy setup and use for just about anyone. Also, the rubberized bottom along with it’s size and weight means it won’t be pulled away from where it’s put even when all the ports are used.

In my opinion this is a solid offering from Nomad. Although, this is quite a large device when compared to something like the super flat pancake-like Mophie Wireless Charging Base; it’s still a one trick pony unlike the Wireless Hub. I was considering a hub for quite sometime to free up a few outlets but it is the addition of wireless charging that sold me. In addition to that, what I like the most is the inclusion of the high-output USB-C port. Something, I think we’re still not getting enough of in USB products from quality manufactures.

This is a solid offering from Nomad that allows you to have everything including wireless charging in one place, in one device. The $79.99 price tag may seem a bit expensive, but considering what you’re getting and it’s from a known manufacturer, with good customer service you are paying for more than just components. And if you’re in the market for a something that can charge multiple devices at once in your hotel room this might be a good choice for that too.


What are your thoughts?

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