The Road Trip

Car chargers can be found almost anywhere in a wide range of prices and form factors. From the ultra cheap no-name brands readily available in your local corner store to the more expensive and popular ones found in the big box stores. But no matter where you get one from, which brand you purchase or how much you pay, they all do the same thing; charge your device only while your vehicle is on. Is there anything wrong with it? Absolutely not. We’ve been getting along just fine with this setup for decades but, the folks at Nomad think otherwise.

Enter the Road Trip. A car charger and battery backup solution in one. This 118mm (4.64in) long x 31mm (1.22in) diameter device packs a 3000mAh battery with both a USB Type A and USB-C port supplying 5V/1.5amps each. A single button on top of its aluminum topped surface activates charging when it’s not plugged into your vehicle while also illuminating the four LEDs that measure the power level. Finished with a soft touch coating and weighing only 220g the Road Trip is ready for travel.

This melding of ideas means charging your devices doesn’t have to necessarily stop just because you’re getting out your vehicle. Simply unplug the Road Trip from your vehicles 12v power outlet when you’ve reached your destination then press the button to continue charging your device. As long as it has a charge you’re good to go. When you’re back in your vehicle just plug in the Road Trip to recharge it. If your device needs charging it will recharge your device first before recharging itself. It’s just that simple.

The Road Trip was designed for people who travel a lot by car but that doesn’t mean everyone else can’t use it. I’ve been putting it to work for the past few weeks since I got it. My daily commutes consist mainly of train or bus rides so having this as a backup in my car always ready to go is like having a good insurance policy. It’s always there when I need it which for me is mostly on weekends. The advantage is it’s super light and it allows me to leave my gear bag behind.

When the Road Trip arrived it was roughly 75% charged so I tested it immediately. It fully charged my iPhone 6s Plus from about 70% without a problem. Later that day when I got to my car I plugged it in to see how long it would take to fully recharge itself. After 6 days of inconsistent and extremely short trips it fully recharged from roughly 25%. This isn’t too bad for me as I imagine if my trips were much longer the Road Trip would recharge in a day or two.

The Road Trip is a simple battery charging solution designed to be used in your car. So it will always be recharging and always ready to go when you are. Even though I don’t drive far or much for that matter I still find it very useful and don’t regret the purchase. Whether you drive a lot or a little I think the Road Trip is an excellent battery backup solution that you don’t have to think about. You plug it in and leave it until you need it. Go check out and see for yourself.


What are your thoughts?

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