6 Months With My Own Private Cloud

It has been six months since I completely stopped using any online storage services in favor of the File Transporter. I started out with a 500GB hard drive connected to a Transporter Sync which you can check out here. After that initial testing period which went without an incident it has continued running smoothly and reliably. The best way to describe it is uneventful. While this doesn’t leave me with much to talk about it does say a lot about the product itself. It works well enough that I completely forgot six months had gone by. The only reason I remembered was because the mobile application received an update on the last day of 2014. This latest update moves it up a notch to version 3.0.17 along with two new and long awaited features:

• Create new folders directly from your mobile device.
• Folders can be shared with you as read-only or read-write.
• Compatible with the new Transporter Genesis.

The features are few but they do increase its usefulness and functionality even if only marginally via mobile devices which in the end is always a good thing.

For me since the Transporter has been so reliable and with this recent update I’m finally swapping out the 500GB drive for a 2TB one. Starting my eventual progression of moving everything over to it as I also move the remainder of my digital life over to the Mac Mini from old smaller hard drives I have laying around from past computers. For now the 2TB drive will remain in use for the Transporter until I upgrade it to a 4TB drive and move the 2TB to the Mac. This simply keeps me from unnecessarily rushing and from purchasing more hard drives than I need.

In any case the Transporter is fantastic device if you are looking to stop paying monthly services, a cloud storage system that you have control over or even just tired of being limited by file types or file sizes you can transfer or store due to a tired system.


What are your thoughts?

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