An iPhone dives into a pool…

It was a bright sunny day at Dorney Park’s Wild Water Kingdom when we where in the wave pool and my wife said… “Isn’t your phone case water proof?” Something I wasn’t even thinking of at the time, even though we were taking pictures all day. I retrieved my iPhone from our belongings and started taking photos of the family when we thought it would be cool to take a few under water. I dropped in at about a foot and a half under the water where despite being in a case it still took amazing shots. After using my phone in this situation I could easily inundate you with details about the case’s two-piece hybrid design constructed of rubber and polycarbonate (plastic). That when closed creates a watertight seal to keep your device safe and dry. The greatly improved screen protector with an added malleable plastic section for the home button so it and the biometric scanner (Touch ID) remains fully functional. The super clear glass covering the camera that doesn’t ruin the image quality. Or the non-permeable membranes that protect the speakers yet allows for decent audio quality whether it’s during a phone conservation or listening to your favorite music. And not to be over looked, the oversized buttons that allows for the easy use of the volume, mute and power buttons.


But I won’t do that today… What I will do is say that the Preserver case by Otterbox is ideal for anyone looking to use their smartphone in a wider variety of conditions. It has good drop protection, it’s waterproof and although it thicker than some competing cases it doesn’t feel that way thanks to the recessed rear panel which also makes it easier to use.


I purchased the Preserver case about a month after it’s release. Since then I’ve used it at work, at play and while just strolling around town. It hasn’t faltered in any aspect of use which is a fantastic trait for a case such as this to have because some do fail after the first drop or two or just over time. So if you’re looking for this level for protection for your smartphone and it’s an Apple iPhone 5/5S or a Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 check out the Otterbox Preserver Series.


What are your thoughts?

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