A&D Car Care LLC


In the not to distant past I found myself in need of a good car mechanic. Naturally, I had my vehicle looked yet mechanic after mechanic came up with similar if not the same two answers. “I don’t see anything wrong” or “It drives just fine”.
Sure, they were able to find the easy to solve problems which were grossly obvious like misalignments or a tie rod that needed to be retightened but these were things I knew about and could explain. But the issues I couldn’t see but could feel while driving were quickly dismissed as if I didn’t know what I was talking about or the car was suppose to drive that way.

One day while having a causal conversation about my vehicle Anthony told me to bring my car by his shop to take a look at it. Prior to this I had no idea that along with being a talented DJ he is also an equally talented car mechanic. So I did just that. I arrived at his shop to find out he owns and runs A&D Car Care. I left my vehicle in his care in hopes of better results than what I’ve gotten to date. Slowly but surely my vehicle’s issues were taken care of one problem at a time. The one thing Anthony did that all of the other mechanics failed to do was to actually look at more than just the under carriage of my vehicle along with knowing just how it should drive. As the repairs were being performed I was kept up to date so from start to finish I knew exactly what as going on every step of the way. When it was ready he explained it again and showed me where the problems were. I took my car for a test drive and was pleasantly surprised by how much better it drove which was almost like new. It was a real relief to actually get what I paid for.

If you are tired of mechanics over charging and under delivering then A&D Car Care is the shop for you. Unlike other mechanic shops repairing your vehicle won’t be rushed just to get to the next job to make another quick buck. A&D Car Care takes it’s customers and car repair seriously but at a fair and reasonable price. No tricks, no gimmicks or subpar parts, just quality work the way it should be. All repairs are fully explained so you are never left in the dark or confused about what is being done to your vehicle. After having Anthony work on my vehicle I can honestly say I know much more about the mechanics in my Jeep than I use to or even intended to.

A&D Car Care is currently a mobile mechanic shop open for scheduled appointments only until the new permanent shop is ready. Taking care of brakes, air-conditioning, radiators, engine troubles and a whole lot more. If you live in either the New York or New Jersey areas experiencing car issues or just want your vehicle looked at, make an appointment with A&D Car Care at 347-552-4654. You won’t regret it.


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