Posts – A Blogging Management Tool

Posts is an application specifically designed for the iPad to give you complete control over your blog. Possessing the basic tools to write, add images and videos, format text, save drafts (both on and off line) and manage comments, Posts does seem pretty complete. The layout gives you a nice thumbnail view of your drafts and published works by day, week or month. So gauging how often you write is a breeze. 


Writing with Posts is no different. The interface is pretty clean and uncluttered. All the necessary formatting and media functions are at the top and out of the way leaving only the keyboard with just a [Previous|Next] button above it as a quick and easy way to get back to the top of the page. And if you prefer writing out HTML code you can do that too with the tap of a button. You also get complete control over syncing allowing you manage how much bandwidth is used. So if you use your iPad with a cellular connection you don’t have to worry about using all your data for the month just to manage your blog. 

Using Posts seems pretty simple with its only real limitation being that it only supports the Blogger and WordPress platforms.  My only gripe with Posts is that it inserts lots of seemingly unnecessary markup code into the text and may cause issue when viewed and edited from another blog editor. I left it alone to see how my post would appear and it seems to be just fine therefore, I see no reason to go through the trouble of removing it. As with any application getting acclimated depends on the person and what they are already use to using or what their regular workflow is. If you are either new or use either of the two supported platforms you should give Posts a spin. It’s clean, quick and easy to use. Normally going for $9.99 but it currently stands at the great price of free. You can’t go wrong with that no matter weather you end up liking it or not. – Download Link