Griffin’s Charge + Sync Cable Kit (Updated)


A little over a year ago I shared my thoughts on the Griffin Charge + Sync Cable Kit which I listed as a “must have” accessory for any iDevice user because it allows you to carry one less cable by incorporating the use of a 30-pin detachable adapter which connects to a MicroUSB cable. Very handy if you have an iDevice and a Bluetooth headset for example. Although, I liked this cable there was one issue that kept it off my Stuff I’m Still Using List:

“The only complaint I have is that the 30-pin adapter does not have the side prongs found in the Apple’s own cables which help to hold it in place while connected to an iDevice. Since the cable is on the stiff side even small movements of the cable seem to cause it to disconnect from the device. So it’s best used when the device can remain still like on a table and not when in a moving car for example which is where it kept disconnecting during my usage.”


Well, I purchased another recently and to my surprise the 30-pin adapter does have the side prongs. So, it seems that Griffin got wind of this little issue and has fully corrected it. That little change now allows the adapter to work perfectly. No more accidental disconnects while in the car or carrying it from one room to another while attached. This is now not only my everyday cable but also my replacement cable for whenever the original Apple cables go bad which they tend to do quite quickly.


What are your thoughts?

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