Stuff I’m Still Using

While it’s always nice to have a few accessories to help you get the most out of your gadgets it’s not always easy finding ones that are really worth buying. So I’m taking a look at a few accessories I’m still using today that I feel are were worth every penny. The ones I’ve listed I’ve reviewed previously and are either non-disposable products, have stood up to the test of time or are just awesome in my opinion. You can check out the included links to my original thoughts to see just how long I’ve had each one.

Motorola MOTOROKR S9-HD A2DP Stereo Bluetooth Headset
There’s been numerous stereo Bluetooth headsets since Motorola introduced the S9-HD but it’s still a solid performer in every way. They sound good, and have the best control layout I’ve seen to date. This makes them super easy to use and become accustomed to which has kept me from lusting after other wireless headset I’ve seen. These are my go to headsets for when I’m out jogging or don’t want to be bothered with cables. The only weak point I’ve noticed is that the rubber covering on the back may start to become unglued with lots to use.

Element Case Vapor Pro Black Ops Limited Edition
The aluminum bumper case to rule them all. The Vapor Pro Black Ops is well made and a wee bit expensive for a bumper style case. It’s the type of case you buy when you’re willing to splurge and are feeling a bit eccentric but still want some quality mixed in. So if you’re willing to plunk down that type of money on a a bumper case that looks good, is well made and will last then this is the one to get.

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4
This has been my going out wallet since the day I purchased it and still is to this day. The BookBook for iPhone 4/4S is a nicely designed leather wallet phone case helps me keep things simple and my pockets light when I’m out and about on my bike, or during an evening out with friends or family. The only cravat for some is the lack of a camera hole on the back but it hasn’t stopped me from catching some good pictures.

BlueAnt EMBRACE Stereo Headset
The BlueAnt EMBRACE remains my favorite all around headset. It’s well-balanced sound makes listening to anything a pleasure. The aluminum and leather construction is well designed, solidly built and looks good. The EMRACE is light weight without being overly designed or skimping out by using cheap plastic as some competing headsets do. Great sound without the over tailoring of bass or treble is what you get here for straight up listening enjoyment. Simply put it’s an awesome piece of kit.

After writing this, if anything, I’ve learned that I have become more finicky about the accessories I buy and learned to be an even smarter shopper. If you’re having trouble deciding what accessories to buy for your gadgets, read reviews on sites you trust, check out what your friends and people using the same gadgets as you are using and learn to see through the fluff of reviews and suggestions. You’ll come away with smarter choices which adds up to less disappointments and less wasted money. And don’t forget as soon as you purchase any gadget use it for a solid week to feel it out and if by that point you are not happy with it don’t be afraid to return it. It’s your money spend it wisely.


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