iOS on TV: POSLavu

I am not a big TV person but I was just watching Chef Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares”. Well, as usual he helps to revamp yet another restaurant run by a dysfunctional team of restaurateurs. What really caught my attention though, was the Point of Sale system he hooked them up with near the end of the show. It was powered entirely by the
iOS platform. The restaurant was equipped with an iPad and all the floor staff with iPod touchs. The POS by POsLavu allows restaurateurs to completely run their entire business right from the iPad. I was really impressed to see this and even more so after reading about. Multi-room table layout, employee timecards, seating and course numbering, customer email tracking and the list goes on. This looks to be a fantastic system to manage small businesses such as these. You can try it out for free, so if you are in need of a complete POS then POSLavu may be the answer to your problems.


What are your thoughts?

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