Smartphone Photography

We all know the saying “the best camera is the one you have with you” and if you have an Apple iPhone 4S, or any high-end smartphone released over the past 6 months you probably have a pretty fantastic point-n-shoot in your pocket right now. If you don’t know how good smartphone cameras are you need to check out professional photographer Scott Bourne, who did a great article on the iPhone 4S camera. While it is about the 4S it isn’t limited solely to the 4S. Once you are done with that and you feel ready to increase your smartphone photography skills you should check out Leanna Lofte at iMore. She is their residence photographer who just recently started an iPhone photography column full of tips and tricks. Although, it also focuses on using the camera features of the iPhone 4S, much of the principals apply to good photography in general. So go give it a read too and apply it to whatever smartphone you carry with you.


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