AT&T’s Continued Disregard For Customers (Updated)

It’s already been documented and said by many that AT&T is attempting to force iPhone users with “unlimited data plans” to one of the more expensive and more restrictive plans.

Well, this month it would seem that I have now joined the club. What’s extremely odd about this is how low the actual amount of data used. I confirmed this with AT&T customer service.


When I asked the customer service representative what constitutes the top 5%. Give me a hard number. The rep could not give any relevant information except to say that among all the users in the area I’m among the top 5%. Even though 1550.26MB = 0.19GB 1.51GB

As you can see even with the correction it’s still not even remotely close to being abused. It just goes to show that cellular carriers only care about making money even at the cost of the customer. Sell the customer an unlimited data plan then complain the that said customer is using too much data. While we’re at it raise the price of all the other data plans and give users less for their money while nickel and diming them for text messaging on top of that.

Anyone who thinks that there is fair competition in cellular is highly mistaken. Every carrier in a specific market does the same thing, makes the same moves. AT&T had unlimited iPhone data plans at $30.00 then cancelled that plan. Verizon once getting the iPhone duplicated the same tactics. Now, both are offering plans which cost more but offer less for the money. Again where is the competition? Where is the FCC? Where have consumer rights gone? It seems like they have all gone down the toilet.


5 thoughts on “AT&T’s Continued Disregard For Customers (Updated)

  1. Wyatt
    Could not agree with you more. Despite all the propoganda about ATT’s reverence for customers they treat us like ditr. People who have been paying the unlimited rate for years are now getting shafted. The policy is not consistent and folks in the store do not even know what the rules are. ATT has all the cards, those of us who are being treated poorly have no recourse- at least not so far. Has anyone started a class action law suit- that might be what it takes to get this resolved. Customer service is a joke. ATT has collected millions from those of us who sought to keep the unlimited plans in place, now that the network really supports using the devices all of a sudden the unlimited plans are not unlimited. Contract law be hanged after all ATT is above the law! Anyone interested in a class action law suit?

  2. I am interested in class action law suit!! In December, my kid upgraded to a smart phone. The customer service representative informed me that his new data plan would be the unlimited data plan, just like my husband and I have. I would have never gotten my kid a smart phone had I known he was not getting the unlimited plan. I received an email today informing me that my son is over the limit. I immediately called AT&T and ,after two hours of being transferred from one representative to another, their advice was to switch back to a non smart phone!! I feel that I was lied to by the person I spoke to back in December, and that the company should honor the contract that we have had for four years.

  3. The short of it is; high usage is area dependent. If the majority of people in your area use say 512MB of data a month and you use 2GB you’re considered I high data user. They don’t do hard numbers which I find ridiculous and unfair. If I wasn’t for the fact that I don’t like CDMA, I would have switched during that phone call.

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