Can Less Really Be More

In my efforts to create “notebooks” of important and regularly used reference information on my iPhone I’ve used a few different applications over the years.
In my latest quest to find an app that works on both the iPhone and iPad I suddenly decided to stop just at the point I was about to purchase a particular app I was looking at.

This move was prompted by the sudden and seemingly abrupt thought of 1) continually purchasing apps and being disappointed for one reason or another and 2) being at a point where I’m tired of having multiple apps that perform basically the same tasks that I no longer use. So my new goal became to find a way to have my “notebooks” without purchasing yet another app if possible.


What I decided to do is to use the iWork suite for iOS (which I already have) to keep my most important information. Since I don’t really need features like markdown or HTML compatibility or Dropbox I’m not losing any functionality. Instead I’ll be gaining extra formatting abilities which should work out better when listing points and creating instructions while using iCloud to keep it synchronized across devices.



The upside here so far is there’s no learning curve because I already use iWork and iCloud is already setup. Creating folders is the same as it is on iOS and I get more formatting options than anything available in the App Store that I’ve seen. This is still a work in progress so I’ll have to see just how well this really works out.


What are your thoughts?

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