Keeping track of medications and vitamins should not be a hassle but unfortunately for many it becomes just that. Sometimes it’s merely remembering to take your once-a-day vitamin, other times it’s an important prescription. Life is hectic enough that adding one more routine to your daily schedule can be just to much. Pillboxie aims to be your memory aid with an easy to use interface and unique setup.

Like most applications of this nature it requires some setup to get you going. Once done you’ll never have to touch it again except to make changes and mark off what you have already taken. That being said setup is pretty simple and graphically rich.


There are multiple pill shapes, colors and administration methods to choose from which makes recognizing each one much easier than just text alone. Each representation is large and defined enough that there should be no mistaking a powdered fiber mix for a vitamin B pill. Simply match the images and colors as closely as possible to what you take. It’s just that simple.









Setting up time to take a medication is also easy and intuitive. After you have matched the medication tap the “Schedule” at the top of the screen. You will then be presented with the medication in the middle and a classic teal colored pillbox displayed at the bottom. It is divided into 30-minute increments starting at 12am and covering a full 24-hour period. To pick a time slot you slide the pillbox left or right until you see the time you want. Then simply drag the medication to that time slot. As the medication is moved over it the pillbox will automatically open for that time slot only and then show the numerical amount once the medication is inside and that’s it. The reminder is set and your part is done.


When you tap on a notification that appears it brings you to the application’s “Due Today” screen which gives you a complete list of the medications and due times for that day. Any ones highlighted in red are past due. Marking an item as done grays it out so there is no mistaking what you’ve already taken. Also from this list you can mark any future medication as done if you already took it and it will not remind you when it’s time actually comes up.

Created by Jared Sinclaire, RN, I see a lot of thought went into the making of this application. The attention to detail from the graphic images to the ease of use without sacrificing functionality makes using Pillboxie a pleasure. This is one of those great set it and forget applications that should not be underestimated due to its simplicity. I’ve been using Pillboxie since it’s release and have found it very helpful as I’m bad at remembering my vitamins. As an EMT I can also see where this could be indispensable to those being cared for by a family member or even an outside care taker. I must reiterate though, that this application isn’t designed to replace your pillbox just to be used in conjunction with it. I highly recommend this app for anyone and especially to those who are on a regime of multiple medications crucial to their health. You can download Pillboxie for free, so it can’t hurt to give it a try.


What are your thoughts?

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