Griffin’s Charge + Sync Cable Kit

Purchasing sync/charging cables isn’t what most people make a big deal over much less get excited about. After all, you only need it to do two pretty basic functions which most any cable of this nature perform quite easily. Well, Griffin Technologies however, may have found a way to make one do just that or at least make one do a double-take.

Recently I was looking for a good yet inexpensive sync/charge cable to replace a slowly failing iPhone cable. What caught my attention was Griffin’s Charge + Sync Cable Kit. This “kit” consists of just two parts. The first piece is a standard 3-foot long USB to MicroUSB cable. The other piece and what makes this cable standout is the removable MicroUSB to Apple iPod adapter. This setup will allow you to charge multiple types of devices one at a time. It’s great for those like myself who carry two or more devices requiring different connectors and are tired of carrying individual cables for each device. While it can not charge two devices simultaneously it does allow for you to haul around one less item.


The cable syncs and charges as it should when connected to my PC, USB plug adapter or Zagg Spark. The iPod adapter even allows me to use my much shorter BlueAnt T1 cable to sync and charge my iPhone which is a definite plus. The cable is very sturdy and of much better build quality than Apple’s own cables. It only comes in black which in my opinion is also a better choice of color than white and shouldn’t become discolored after lots of use.

The only complaint I have is that the 30-pin adapter does not have the side prongs found in the Apple’s own cables which help to hold it in place while connected to an iDevice. Since the cable is on the stiff side even small movements of the cable seem to cause it to disconnect from the device. So it’s best used when the device can remain still like on a table and not when in a moving car for example which is where it kept disconnecting during my usage.

The Griffin Charge + Sync Cable Kit is what I would call a “must-have” accessory to upgrade your mobile life regardless of how you use your device. It’s build quality is miles ahead of Apple’s standard cables and it’s multiple use scenario makes it ideal to any mobile user. Although I my one complaint does annoy me at times I still feel it’s a perfectly well designed and thought out product with a minor over sight that is out weighed by it’s usefulness.


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