An Excellent Customer Service Experience

It would seem that I was destined not to have the BlueAnt Q1 headset. Just go back to some of my most recent posts earlier this year and you’ll understand why I say this. It started with the inability to use any current operating system to update the Q1 to the latest firmware. Ultimately, I got it done using Windows XP.

My next bit of drama was when the Q1 broke by merely taking it off to adjust the rubber ear piece. Thankfully, BlueAnt did replace it for me after I emailed customer service about the situation. Now
this past Oct 8, 2010 the recently replaced Q1 broke. Strangely enough it broke in the same place but under different circumstances. Making a long story short I packed the Q1 in my Camelbak bag for a trip. There’s a nice soft-lined pocket at the top of the bag clearly marked for a media player but I usually use it for headsets and never had a problem. The pocket has nothing to damage your stuff and it doesn’t get banged on anything due to it’s location on the bag. Needless to say I was quite disappointed when I unpacked my stuff after reaching my destination and I pulled out the Q1 to find it broken. As I stated it was broken in the same location as the first one. This leads me to believe that there is a design and/or manufacturing flaw with that part of the headset. In any case I immediately thought there was no way BlueAnt would replace yet another headset claiming the same issue not to mention the Q1 has since been replaced with the redesigned Q2 headset. So instead, I took a picture and decided to post it on twitter to share with my online friends. One day later I find a DM (direct message) in my twitter box. Low an behold it was from a BlueAnt Customer Service Representative requesting contact information. Shocked but not expecting anything much I did just that. The email that followed was this: “Hi Wyatt, I have just received the below correspondence. I pull my Q1 out my Camelbak and find this. So, so disappointed with #BlueAnt I would like to apologize profusely for any inconvenience the non-functioning products may have caused you. I am personally more than happy to organize an advance shipment replacement device for you in this case. I was thinking perhaps our new Q2 headset I have included a link for you to review. Please advise the most suitable selection asap, so that I may coordinate the dispatch of your replacement immediately. Once again, please accept my sincerest apologies & I truly hope we are able to restore your faith in the BlueAnt brand & our commitment to outstanding customer service. Amelia” Need I say I gracefully accepted the offer and the Q2 is currently on it’s way to my house. I will definitely post my thoughts on the Q2 after some time with it. Thanks to Amelia at BlueAnt.


What are your thoughts?

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