ListPro – Ultimate List Making Tool Kit

After being almost 2 years in development due to changes in strategy, changes in development teams, and lots of debate over which features to include in the initial release for the iPhone, the wait is over. On Sept. 15, Ilium Software finally released their popular list management application ListPro to the App Store. If you’re from the old pre-smartphone era as I am and used a Windows Mobile device then you should know ListPro. If you’re a new comer to the mobile arena with your first mobile device being an iPhone then you owe it to yourself to at least check out this excellent piece of software.

People create lists for just about everything from archeology to zoology. What ListPro provides is a comprehensive set of tools laid out in a simple and easy to use format. Although new to the iPhone, ListPro remains consistent with it’s regular software updates. This version for the iPhone starts out at 5.1 and it shows. It’s very complete in looks, feel, and operation. Long time users who’ve switched to the iPhone should feel quite pleased and at home with this release.

Getting started is quite easy as there are templates preinstalled and ready for use. All the templates can be modified or deleted completely and replaced with your own custom lists. If that’s not enough Ilium Software has also included a link on the main screen of the application that takes you directly to their List Exchange database located on their site. There you will find a multitude of lists contributed by other ListPro users covering many topics that you can download right to ListPro through the iPhone and start using immediately.

ListPro’s uncluttered user-interface is accomplished by only showing the key functions at the bottom of the screen. Sort, filters, lists, etc. are all there to manage and view your lists. Tapping on any function will bring up a scrollable toolbar of selectable controls. Tapping the same function again will make the toolbar disappear.

Creating lists is also pretty simple. After you’ve decided on the type of list your creating you are presented with the “Edit Columns” screen. It’s layout is similar to the built-in Phone application and works in a similar fashion. Here is where you choose how your list is initially viewed and setup. At the top of the screen is the “Layout” controls. This is what the viewer sees. As you add or delete columns this will give you an idea of what it will look like. Column controls are in the middle of the page where you can choose from 1 of 7 column types and which ones are visible. Once your all done setting up your list just name it and your finished.

Ilium Software has brought ListPro to iPhone users for the price of free. The use of iAds as allowed them to do this and they did it well and in good taste. The only time and place there are advertisements is at the bottom of the main screen. The rest of the application is totally devoid of advertisements of any sort as it should be.

As in the past ListPro can only be synced with a Windows PC using ListPro for Windows. It costs $19.95 and works with multiple mobile devices. If your are a current user check here for upgrade pricing. ListPro for Windows offers the same functionality as the mobile version so you don’t have to solely rely on you mobile device to make changes or update your lists. Synchronization is fast and has worked without a hitch thus far.

Lists are one of the many ways we stay organized and ListPro will keep all your lists in one place for easy access so you remain productive. I’ve been using ListPro for a long time now and the iPhone version is done well enough that it does not feel like an initial release. It is quite clear that this is what Ilium Software intended. The simple user-interface combined with a solid set of creation and management tools makes ListPro a great choice for anyone’s list management needs. As I stayed before ListPro is absolutely free so you can not go wrong by giving it a try.


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