21 Days and Beyond with the BlueAnt Q1

Ironically on the evening of day 21 while using the Q1 on the train ride home it snapped in half. The ear piece broke completely off the main body as I tried to pull the rubber ear piece off which exposed the speaker assembly underneath. Nothing like this has ever happened to me so suffice it to say I was highly upset and disappointed for the rest of the evening.

I later decided to look this up in a few forums and found other Q1 owners affected by the same issue. At that point I started to feel like BlueAnt was purposely selling low quality headsets. I carefully inspected the Q1 and couldn’t believe something like this got past quality control. After leaving the headset alone for about a week I finally decided to email BlueAnt customer support with an explaination of what happened just to see what they had to say. After a responding email requesting some purchase information BlueAnt stated in a final email they would send me a new one. All I need to do was send back the broken Q1 when the new one arrived. This no hassle return made me feel a bit better about their customer service.

When the new Q1 arrived about 2 weeks later I was already to test it out when I discovered that it was on firmware v8.19 which is not capable of streaming audio (A2DP). I really could not believe that BlueAnt would ship a headset directly that wasn’t updated to the latest version of the firmware. I say this because the Q1 came in the standard retail box and was obviously opened for testing before it was shipped out to me. So there I was once again left with the task of finding a computer to update the Q1. Needless to say I again had to go out of my way to go to my sister-in-laws house to update the Q1 which just reiterates the problem of no 64-bit driver support. I have now developed a love/hate relationship with the Q1. Let’s see how long it takes BlueAnt to get out a Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS firmware updater to the masses.


4 thoughts on “21 Days and Beyond with the BlueAnt Q1

  1. Hi, Do you still have the firmware updater software? Blueant don’t seem to have it available on their website anymore. I bought one and would love to be able to update it.

  2. Soy de QUITO-ECUADOR SUR AMERICA. YO TAMBIEN TUVE EL MISMO PROBLEMA!!! compre un Q1 y a los pos dias de uso, el auricular se rompio dentro de mi oreja. Cuando llegue a casa me di cuenta que el incomodo auricular se habia roto en mi oido y dentro de mi oerja estabaja pequeñas partes del producto roto. Me parece irresponsable que un producto salga al mercado con tan bajo control de calidad poniendo en peligro la salud de los usuarios. Yo tambien reclamare a BLUEANT, pero quiero que me repongan un producto que no atente contra mi salud y completamente gratis. yo ya apgue porel y no tengo que gastar mas. Gracias

  3. I agree with you 100% Alfredo. It appears though, that they are working on their quality control as the T1 Bluetooth headset and the new Embrace headphones are of excellent quality. Hopefully we will see this trend continue in future products.

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