4 comments on “21 Days and Beyond with the BlueAnt Q1

  1. Hi, Do you still have the firmware updater software? Blueant don’t seem to have it available on their website anymore. I bought one and would love to be able to update it.

  2. I’ll check. Only had to use it once and it only works on Windows XP unfortunately.

  3. Soy de QUITO-ECUADOR SUR AMERICA. YO TAMBIEN TUVE EL MISMO PROBLEMA!!! compre un Q1 y a los pos dias de uso, el auricular se rompio dentro de mi oreja. Cuando llegue a casa me di cuenta que el incomodo auricular se habia roto en mi oido y dentro de mi oerja estabaja pequeñas partes del producto roto. Me parece irresponsable que un producto salga al mercado con tan bajo control de calidad poniendo en peligro la salud de los usuarios. Yo tambien reclamare a BLUEANT, pero quiero que me repongan un producto que no atente contra mi salud y completamente gratis. yo ya apgue porel y no tengo que gastar mas. Gracias

  4. I agree with you 100% Alfredo. It appears though, that they are working on their quality control as the T1 Bluetooth headset and the new Embrace headphones are of excellent quality. Hopefully we will see this trend continue in future products.

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