Thoughts: MobileMe iDisk for iPhone

MobileMe iDisk for the iPhone is one of those applications that can help round out a device in terms of having a complete mobile solution in your pocket. MobileMe iDisk is just that, giving MobileMe users access to their iDisk directly from the iPhone. You get the ability to view files, send links for others to access your public folder, view cached files off-line and access other MobileMe user’s public folders making this a good v1.0 release.


It’s also one of those applications that should have been introduced and released along with the MobileMe service at the same time. Instead, Apple allowed third party software developers to fill that gap with more feature rich applications over the past year. Now that Apple has finally released their official MobileMe iDisk application it seems rather diluted in functionality when compared to currently available third party offerings such as Files (formerly called MobileFiles) from Quickoffice, Inc. which offers a lot more for your money.
On the plus side is iDisk’s UI, speed and integration with the MobileMe service and works just like the iPhone’s built-in applications which are the only aspects that I can see that makes it nicer to use. But in order for it to be even more useful to iPhone/MobileMe users, Apple really needs to add a few more functions and features. These should include:
• Ability to create and edit custom folders in MobileMe.
• Ability to create and edit custom folders on the iPhone.
• Ability to move custom folders and files.
• Ability to copy link to shared files.
• Ability to download files directly to the iPhone for offline viewing.
• Return to where you left off when opening previously viewed documents.
Those are what I think of and call “core functionality” for this type of application which in this case would easily please the majority if not all of the iPhone/MobileMe users out there. They are not a lot but would add even greater value to the MobileMe service and the iDisk application itself. What do you think?


What are your thoughts?

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