My $0.02 for 2009 (Revisited) (Updated)

Back in January 2009 I wrote My $0.02 for 2009. My quick and dirty thoughts on what was coming for the next iPhone. It was nothing very specific at all because I really didn’t feel it necessary. Anything new Apple puts into the iPhone to replace current hardware is going to be an upgrade anyway with the exception of previously non-existent hardware. So I’m not going to add anything but merely see if the current hardware changes that much or will it be more software upgraded with the new iPhone OS 3.0 firmware update. In either case Monday’s WWDC should be fun to watch. WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) starts at 10:00am PST in San Francisco which makes it:

  • 07:00am – Hawaii
  • 11:00am – Mountain Time
  • 12:00pm – Central Time
  • 01:00pm – Eastern Time
  • 06:00pm – London Time
  • 07:00pm – Paris Time
  • 02:00am – Tokyo Time (which is June 9)

Follow any one of these sites for live coverage: