T4 Show: Tech Today… Tech Tomorrow

Michael Manna is a man of many hats; professional wrestler, podcaster, gadget enthusiast, co-host on Mobility Today and has even taught a podcasting class at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. So as you can see Michael Manna has definitely carved out his own niche in the digital world.

Like many before him, in an effort to find solutions to his own unanswered tech questions he started recording his adventures in tech which lead to him hosting is own show called the T4 Show. T4 which stands for Tech Today… Tech Tomorrow started off as an audio only podcast where Micheal Manna reviewed products and interviewed various people in the tech industry. With a natural and entertaining wit Michael Manna dispenses tech news, information and even throws in some tech history to keep you educated. Since it’s humble beginnings the T4 Show has switched over to an almost all video format allowing you can see how the products work while their being used.

These 5-minute or less product reviews are long enough to give you the important points and short enough to keep your attention. But what makes the T4 Show different is that you are not left with merely an introductory review. Michael Manna has made it a point to do updates on the products he reviews and uses on a regular basis. Keeping you in the know on the performance of a product from it’s initial unboxing to it’s end of life, failure or replacement for something better. Another added bonus is that he will even take requests for products you the viewing audience would like to see.  Utilizing the popular media avenues these reviews can be found at the T4 Show site, on Youtube and in iTunes. So check it out, tech has never been so entertaining.


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