Lemonade Tycoon


Another classic game that recently hit the App Store is Lemonade Tycoon from Electronic Arts. This unchanged iPhone version appears to be a straight port of the original. Absolutely nothing new to learn here if you’ve played it before which is fantastic. But if by some slight chance you haven’t played it then here’s the goal. Like the name says you must become the best at what you do and here it’s making and selling lemonade. From the neighborhood to the mall or at the beach sell as much as you can by mixing the right amount of lemons, sugar and ice to create that “perfect” glass of nice cold lemonade to draw the most customers.
You’ll also have to contend with different types of weather, locations a few finicky taste buds and a small starting budget. So spend wisely and price fairly as in real life, people don’t like to be over charged and will pass you by. Use you’re business savvy and you’ll be able to make good money, upgade your stand and even hire additional staff for those really busy days to come.
Remember you are in charge here so there’s no one to help you out, but your customers will let you know if their happy or not with your product. Check your results at the end of the day to see how profitable you were and if you need to make adjustments. Did you buy to many lemons and not enough cups? The value of a dollar is really stressed in the game so whether you decide to play “Career” or the 30-Day Challenge” mode you’ll never look at selling lemonade the same again. Right now you can get Lemonade Tycoon absolutely free in the App Store.


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