iPhone Docked

Thanks to the creativity of J. Doss there’s a new site to satisfy your iPhone addiction called iPhone Docked. Come check out J.Doss, and contributing editors Mike Florio and Geoffery Farihna. Here you’ll find not just news and reviews about the iPhone, iTunes and related software; you’ll also learn new ways to use your iPhone beyond that of the average consumer. The best thing about iPhone Docked is that no matter who you may be, if you have some information, tips or even just a review about your favorite iPhone software; you can submit it and you just might wake up the next day to find it on the front page. You’ll even find an article from me from time to time. So check out iPhone Docked and stay tuned every other Thursday night for some great iPhone dicussion on the iPhone Docked LIVE podcast. If you can’t tune in then catch it on iTunes for download and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.


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