11 comments on “iPhone: A Productivity Tool?

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  2. Good article but…I think you’re missing the point about why people say the iPhone is not a business/productivity tool.

    You can’t easily edit documents, copy and paste. Makes it difficult to edit large documents where you want to move paragraphs around. not to mention simply copying a link or some text from one app to another. What’s the point of having notes in your iPhone if you can’t sync them. To be fair, these are coming..about f’ing time and there are some 3rd party apps like IMNotes that work very will in syncing Notes to MS Exchange in real time but again, limited to their apps. You can’t work with attachements. The list goes on. The limits of the iPhone as a business tool are spelled out in your article, you have to use “a little creativity” to work around all the limitations. Real smartphones, don’t have these limitations, you spend more time using it than trying to figure out how to use it.

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  4. How you will be able to take notes on your iPhone, during class, while simultaneously recording your lecture since there is no multi-tasking?

  5. @Physboy: I never stated it was perfect but using it in the fashion I mentioned is quite possible since I’m actually doing it. People need to be a little creative to get around shortcomings of mobile devices. But in my particular case I don’t need to take notes during a lecture as it’s all based on the reading assignment previously assigned.

    @Joe: Yes, it does require a little creativity but a “real smartphone” as you put it is not defined solely by cut/copy/paste. “We” have forgotten that mobile devices are merely extensions of the PC and to be used in conjunction with them. While I understand your point (I miss my iPaq hx4700 for all it can do) being able to create and edit documents on a mobile device is not the priority of the majority of business users right now because unfortunately we are still required to do things like sign documents and to many of them still only use these wonderful mobile devices for mainly communications and not the official written kind either. So for the time being what we want out of our mobile devices is very much in the minority. Hopefully that will change someday soon, but if you read it carefully you’ll see that I merely stated how I got around things and made use of what I had.

  6. Any way you can use a device to make a task easier is what mobile tech is all about.

    I just completed my EMT-B class about a year ago. I used my WM5 phone along with a free program called vtap to watch or just stream audio of all the skills stations. As they tell you “if you didn’t say it you didn’t do it” streaming audio while driving to work helped memorize each step.

  7. @Physboy: BTW, with the new 3.0 firmware you can record audio using the built-in voice recorder and write notes at the same time..

    @Joe: I absolutely agree that Apple is so late on adding these basic functionalities that have been available in most other (even basic) phones..

  8. I am looking for some good emt study cards for my iphone. Any way you can shed some more light on how to make the notecards in ewallet? Do you have the card info saved?

  9. @KC, I based the guide off the EMT book we used in the class. Each category title is a chapter title and drills down just like the book is laid out. I then inlcuded only the notes I needed. It made it easier to go back to the book if necessary. Just be aware the eWallet doesn’t hold a lot of text so the information should be short and to the point.

  10. @Stephine Thanks for dropping by. Bookmarking and passing it along to others is just fine. Everything on my blog is open to share. Thanks for the good words.

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