A Great Site For A Broader Perspective

All to often, we discuss mobile technology and how it affects us here in the U.S. forgetting about the rest of the world. Well, since the world does not revolve around the U.S. here’s a place to go if you want broader perspective on things. Go check out our friends across the pond at Mobile Tech Addicts. This site is run by Chris Oldroyd who first came to my attention when he appeared as a guest and later one of the co-hosts on the Mobility Today Podcast here in the U.S. Focusing mainly on the smartphone market Chris and his co-host Gareth Myles are all about mobile technology and bring trends and goings on across the water to you. Want to know how Windows Mobile is doing in Europe? Wondering why some mobile phones are only released in Europe and other parts of the world? Need to know what the cellualr networks are doing in the U.K.? It’s all covered by Chris and Myles who give their thoughts on what works, what doesn’t and why. The U.K. is not on a totally different chapter when it comes to mobile technology. They’re just a good couple of pages ahead, but you won’t know that unless you tune into the Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast. As Chris says “Sit back, relax, satisfy your cravings”. Broaden your horizons on mobile technology from a different perspective. It’s worth listening to.


What are your thoughts?

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