Warfare Incorporated

Experience Warfare Incorporated, the critically acclaimed and best selling mobile real time strategy (RTS) game of all time!!! Build your forces to defend and control the newly discovered planet Icarus, with its astounding mineral wealth and mysterious alien artifacts.


  • Fully touch optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm, and PocketPC!
  • 22 unit and structure types
  • 20 story missions and 200+ add-on missions (and growing)
  • Full mission editor – create and publish your own missions
  • 2-4 player Multiplayer (coming soon for iPhone / iPod Touch – now in BETA!)

One of my all-time favorite games for has finally made it to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Warfare Incorporated by Spiffcode is one of the best original  RTS games for mobile devices. Those of us who played this game on the Palm OS and WM (Pocket PC at the time) devices can once again join Andy in his battle on Icarus for control of Galaxite. And for a limited time you can get this game for $4.99.
Has Spiffcode’s hard work paid off? …I’ll give my thoughts after some time with Andy.

Back from Icarus and here’s what I found. Acme, Omni and the Free Radicals are at it again. Spiffcode has kept the look and feel of the game with no problem. Most of the options are still intact along with the controls. The only real difference is in the selection of troops. Now when selecting multiple types of troops you use two fingers on the screen creating a selectable area. You can then adjust the size of the selected area to what you need and send the troops on their way. This may take a little time to get use to but nothing more. A nice feature added is that when you select an individual troop member for example that troop member is enlarged in a similar fashion as the iPhone’s keyboard. This action is standard across the whole game to include the buildings giving access to their available options.

A new  feature added is the over-the-air (OTA) downloading of user created expansion packs right from the game. This adds to the replay value immensity. Using the Mission Editor anyone can create new missions to play and make them available to others through their web site.

All in all this is an excellent port of the original and a must have for RTS and Warfare Inc. fans alike. The graphics are still the same and an update with increased resolution would definately be appreciated. Even with the current lack of muliplayer functionality I see no reason not to purchase this game especially at it’s current price tag of $4.99.


What are your thoughts?

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