Kadence LLC

Totally off topic today. I don’t use Facebook that much but earlier this month I received a friend invite. I checked it to find it just happened to be from an old friend I haven’t seen in a long time. It turns out my friend Karen St. Hilaire has a business by the name of Kadence LLC.

Kadence LLC is a social empowerment practice that provides services and tools that stimulate and inspire one’s desire to achieve maximum success both personally and professionally.

Derived from the Metropolitan Women’s group where conversations over tea became their staple.
The inspiration and strength that can be acquired from this type of practice is unlimited and is very welcome in especially in tough times like these. The only thing required of an individual to bring is the willingness to take that first step to effect real change in their life.

I urge all women to take that first step to true self-reliance by taking a sip with Karen and finding your inner strength.  Move beyond what you think you want and toward what you need deep down inside. Stop by and get a cup while the tea’s still hot. We all need assistance sometimes and ladies this one’s for you.


What are your thoughts?

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