Loan Shark – Get your finances in order

Loan Shark from FoggyNoggin Software is a very well designed and put together loan calculator. Plan out the purchase of your next car, home or figure out how long it will take you to pay off those credit card bills.

Loan Shark does all the hard work for you. Once you enter the necessary information like the down payment, loan length and interest rate information as in the case of a car purchase; it will then calculate what your monthly payment will be or calculate any one of the other components that you may not have available. Need the amortization of that house loan, Loan Shark will do that to. Listed out in a table format from start to finish you can see how much per month a loan or even a credit card is costing you to pay off.

Looking for a lender. Loan Shark will also list the nearest financial institutions in your area. Eliminating the need for the time consuming search through Yellow Pages.

If your looking for a good loan calculator stop right here and purchase this from the App Store. At the price of $4.99 it is a pretty good deal considering it could save you money on your next big purchase.


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