Technology is a beautiful thing… when it works

All was fine last week; I was jotting down ideas for some articles I might post along with some more iPhone app reviews. This past Monday I get a phone call at work from my wife around 8:00pm. She tells me the laptop crashed and would not restart. Okay, I said just unplug it and I’ll check it out when I get home later.
So I get home and I can’t get it up and running long enough to even attempt to repair it nor do I have enough time play around. I could have easily just wiped the whole thing and start from scratch but I don’t want to go through all that if it’s not necessary

WordPress for the iPhone to the rescue. Normally I use it to write my drafts until I get home were I can post it with pictures. But until my day off (tomorrow, thank God) where I can spend some time with my laptop and see what’s really the problem; from here on in all my posts will be done from my iPhone.

Technology failed me, but redeemed itself and saved me too. Thanks WordPress.


What are your thoughts?

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