eWallet the Secure Information Manager is now available for the iPhone

Ilium Software has been around for quite some time and eWallet has been a big hit for them among Windows Mobile users for years. Now, Ilium has answered the calls of iPhone owners and brought eWallet over for us to enjoy.

Ilium seems to have put a lot of work and effort into this application. They’ve made it easy to use, it looks and feels like the built-in applications and it works well. Obviously they have also spent a lot time and thought into the functioning of this application to keep it in line with their other versions. While it is very detailed, it is not complicated to use nor does it inundate you with lots of choices you will never use or forget about later.

I had no problems getting started with this application. I came from using Flexwallet for many years and had some serious reservation about switching to another SIM again. But seeing how this is a good combination of the two software titles I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at how quickly and easily I was able to navigate my way around. Not one time did I feel lost like I didn’t know what I was doing.

Setting up wallets, categories and cards is a breeze. Popup prompts guide you along the way so you always know where you’re at. Text entry is easy and viewing long series of numbers is no problem as I found it to be with other SIMs. First thing it does is prompts you to setup a password in the first stage of creating a new wallet. If you chose not to create a password it even states that it is not recommended to continue without one.

You get a good assortment of templates, icons, background images and colors to choose from to customize your wallet. The built-in templates are easy to edit and taylor to your needs. Even using your own pictures stored on the iPhone or taking a picture is possible to use as a background image. Once you’ve setup your wallets accessing them is straight forward. You can view them in credit card style or in list format with everything layed out clearly. Using 256-bit AES encryption keeps your information safe from prying eyes. If you wish you can have eWallet re-lock after a period on inactivity for more security.

eWallet integrates with the iPhones built-in software quite nicely allowing you to make a phone call, write an email or vist a web site just by touching any one, eliminating the need to manually open the appropriate application. Even though it is listed as version 6.1 it is a first version for the iPhone and very well done at that.

As good as eWallet is it’s not without some issues. A few things not yet available is a desktop client (for Windows and Mac users) which would allow you to sync and transfer your current wallets. You also cannot create your own templates for later use or delete the ones you don’t want. There’s also no landscape mode which would be perfect for viewing cards. Ilium has stated that they are working on these issues, so it shouldn’t be to long before they are resolved.

For a first run program this is way better than the others I’ve used and way ahead of SplashID on every level. If you need a secure place to store your important and sensitive information then eWallet is what you’ve been looking for. I recommend eWallet even with the missing features because it has all the necessary functions to keep your information secure. The price is $9.99 and well worth it.


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